Known as the Island of Spices, Celebes was once the epitome of Dutch trading route. There were days, its port was crowded with ships and people from far away lands. It was the time of war, when a young Prince of Gorontalo met the beautiful daughter of a Dutch trader. Among the bloodshed and gun powder, against everything they are born into - their forbidden love bloomed in agony. Hidden in the night, under the stars, Pulo Cinta was their secret escape. There, they can be lovers, far from everything that separates them. Enter a wonderful journey in Boalemo islands. Take the off the beaten path and explore a world of exotic beauty in Celebes hidden corners. Located among the inhabited islands of Tomini Gulf, a land blessed with lush rain forest and pristine beaches with clear sea rich in biodiversity. Indulge in Indonesia’s hidden paradise. Revive in luxury of nature and own a life-changing experience of your own.