Club Aqua is managing company of Bali International Rafting, Seawalker-The Original and Bali Village Cycling. Bali International Rafting was established in 1995. The longest river rafting routes in Bali, the water extremely clear and flows around numerous hairpin curves along the 16 km course, enjoy navigating numerous rapids and steering clear water and the rocks. Paddle right under a natural waterfall shower and discover all the thrills and action that this dynamic rafting course offers. Meanwhile Seawalker was set up in the year of 2000. Club Aqua warranty your safety during the Seawalker activity, as its unique helmet design enable you to breath underwater normally or the same way as your breath on the surface. The helmet was originally design and manufactured in Japan, the Seawalker home base. It is suitable for age between 9 – 70 years old. Seawalker and Bali International Rafting instructors are licensed at an International Standard safety, first aid and hospitality services. They are well trained and able to speak a number of major languages.