Papua Paradise Eco Resort enjoys a geographical position which allows easy access to the resort in any weather conditions. You will get fantastic dive's at any time of the year. You can visit the natural habitat of the three endemic bird species in the area. We have a house reef in the area where you can encounter mandarin fish, manta rays, wobbegongs, bamboo and reef sharks and bump into the occasional dugong. At our island and resort we have access to ample amounts of fresh water, therefore we don't use water purifying systems which waste energy and can pollute the environment. During the building of the EcoResort and the day to day running of the place we have established a mutually strong relationship with the local communities. We provided jobs for them by employing local people to build the resort. Moreover we comply with all local rules and regulations such as minimum wage requirements and tailored the working patter to the local life style catering for local holidays and religious days. Finally we considered the "fair trade" rules in our dealings with the local communities.