About Sumba

Tourists are seldom to found in Sumba Island. Whereas, there is more than one reason why tourists should visit the island that becomes part of East Nusa Tenggara. Soft white sandy beaches, vast savanna, traces the life of modesty megalithic age to the simplicity of local community are interesting. Not to mention, most tourist spots in the island are still quiet. So, for those who want “run away” from the bustle of urban life, Sumba is the right choice.

Getting Around

The easiest way to reach Sumba is by aircraft. Southwest Sumba has an airport in Tambolaka and East Sumba has an airport in Waingapu. Aircrafts to Sumba are usually transit in Bali. Another way to get to Sumba is through the land. Sumba is also reachable by bus. By bus, you have to go to the Port of Sape, Bima, West Nusa Tenggara. Then continue by ferry to Sumba. You can also take the ship to Sumba via Bima from another islands.

12 Most Fascinating Travel Destinations in Sumba

Natural charm Sumba in East Nusa Tenggara may seem to have no longer a secret. The beauty of a series of savanna, mountains and steep limestone hills that dominate the majestic and elegant parts of East Sumba. While the lake, the beach, and a beautiful waterfall located in West Sumba. West Sumba also have an annual tourism agenda which is popular among tourists, the Festival Pasola. Indigenous villages were covered with exotic natural beauty of the surrounding tempt tourists to traverse further Sumba culture. The entire natural charm Sumba be highly coveted by adventurers and photographers from around the world.

Lake Weekuri

Salt water lake in West Sumba is one of the most beautiful lakes in Indonesia fortified rock, covered with greenery. The water is blue-green and very clear, with white sand at the bottom, pleasant to swim.

Mandorak Beach

The beach is hidden behind a steep cliff in Southwest Sumba has a clear blue sea water, white sand and sparkling like pearls. Scenic cliffs add to the beauty of this extraordinary coast.

Pabeti Lakera Waterfall

Exquisite waterfalls located in East Wewewa this beautiful natural area surrounded, and has three levels with a height of 30 meters. Clear water tempting to swim, accompanied by the chirping of birds and the serene natural atmosphere.

Ratenggaro Traditional Village

Traditional village located on the waterfront and river estuaries Waiha Ratenggaro looks magnificent with a row of tall-roofed traditional house. Here too there is an old cemetery Garo, a very large, high and decorated with ornaments.

Puru Kambera Beach

Sand beaches are in Waingapu is white, the water crystal clear blue sea which tempting. Along the beach, lined shady green pine trees. Serenity you can get in this virgin beach.

Kalala Beach

Still in Waingapu, white sand beach surrounded by green hills of this beautiful are in Melolo. Blue sea water, the atmosphere is calm like a private beach, stable and high waves, ideal for surfing.

Manupeu Tanah Daru National Park

The appeal of this national park is Niagara Lapopu magnificent, beautiful, clear, flowing down the rock through the trees. To achieve this, you must adventure through the woods and walking on the banks of the river rapids.

Marosi Beach

Marosi Beach located in Lamboya, West Sumba is long, and the turquoise-colored sea. Winding coastal contours add to the beauty Marosi. There is a sandy area, just a little overgrown tree, as in the savanna Sumba.

Nihiwatu Beach

Nihiwatu Beach, around 1.5 hours from Tambolaka is one of Asia's best beaches, has good waves nicknamed God Left Waves. This beautiful beach is very favored foreign surfers. Unfortunately, the beach access is only for guests Nihiwatu Resort.

Tarimbang Beach

Some travel bloggers call it the best beaches in Indonesia. Beaches in East Sumba presents the perfect blend of white sand and turquoise sea. Right Left hills and cliffs adorned beaches, including the beautiful silence.

Tarung Traditional Village

This traditional village into the perfect place to explore the traditional culture of Sumba. In addition to custom home uma and ancient rock tombs, you will enjoy the natural beauty of Sumba which include tourist village Tarung in this Waikubabak.

Pasunga Traditional Village

In this traditional village you will find the largest megalithic stone tombs in Sumba. Megalithic stone graves are still intact awake. Rows of traditional house Sumba, uma, the high beratai lined up in this peaceful village.